100 Degrees- Sizzling hot!

Though there’s nothing sexy about the trashy side of Hussain Sagar Lake, 100 Degrees was the closest I could get to a roof top restaurant facing a water body.

 Unlike my previous visits, we tried the open roof section this time round and believe me, apart from the occasional mosquitoe bites and the hardly-any-breeze weather, everything else about the place was SEXY. We decided to go chicken and ordered a Cajun chicken sizzler and a Spicy chicken sizzler.

Note: One sizzler is sufficient for two people. Unless your stomach is my size.

The sizzlers here are served with different varieties of bread (which we munched on till the sizzlers arrived. Sharam haya is not our thing you know) and has veggies, french fries, spaghetti cooked with an excellent sauce I have no clue about. The Cajun Sizzler was an absolute winner for me. And our collective “Oh my god”s with every bite served as a testimony to that.

The hogathon was done and me being the dessert maniac went ahead and ordered blueberry cheesecake and La Tiramisu after ignoring my friends’ revolt.

It was the best decision of my life.

The cheesecake was light which was a relief after the romp with sizzlers and was topped with blueberry pulp. Swearable dessert is the only way I can summarize it. La Tiramisu was made to perfection with the slight kick of coffee liquor. All in all,100 Degrees was sizzling hot!

We paid: 990/- for three (tip excluded)

Location: Near Necklace Road

My tip: Sizzler. MUST try.


4 thoughts on “100 Degrees- Sizzling hot!

  1. Wow. I finished a sizzler there myself but couldn't think of dessert after that. Was totally full. Hats off to your capacity and also to the sizzlers. Totally awesome, I agree 🙂


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