All in the name of love

I think it all began with the finishing of 1 kg mithai all by myself, all in the name of love. Ofcourse, mother never understood that love. She only understood the handles that came after them.

  Soon drooling, bingeing and more love followed and before I knew (wait for it) I had found the love of my life. Food saw me through happiness, sadness, greed, lust, boredom and depression. And I can bet all my money no guy could fulfill all the above mentioned criterion. 
 Unlike some skinny people my metabolism was as good as Raakhi Sawant’s English and so I ended up being a Size O. Yes, the papi pet always dominated the will power and so, I m here, bringing you the best of tales that my sinner stomach can narrate.
This blog will contain reviews of restaurants, cafes, bandis and snack places or any random drool worthy stuff, tadka maarke.

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