The Grand Wok- Of chinkis, spice and caramalised bananas!

I had the fortune of entering this restaurant when there wasn’t a single soul in the vicinity and honestly, the exclusivity made this meal 20 times more memorable than it would have been with cry babies, noisy college- goers or staring Aunties.

   The first thing that strikes you in this place are the red sofas, the soft chinese music and adorable chinky waiters. They are polite, warm and are so adorable that I almost wanted to pinch their cheeks and say “soo sweet”. My best friend held me back.

Another interesting trivia: They call it a buffet but serve everything on your table. Boon for lazy bums like me.

Now for the food, first came the Chicken Cantonian Soup which was mild and flavourful, though a bit bland. Next the floodgates of starters opened and we were served SO many of them that we forgot which one was which. There was a chicken with sesame which I remember vividly.Tasted great. My verdict on the starters:

1. Every dish tasted different from another, unlike in most Chinese joints that we get to eat.

2. Spicy levels high. If you’re a spice person I give a thumbs up. I m not.

Then came the main course which was nothing out-of-the-wordly unpredictable but very well prepared. The mix vegetable curry they served with the Rice and noodles was DIVINE.

I had read in some review about their average desserts so I hardly cared about what they’d serve. But I was taken aback (in a very pleasant way) when they served Vanilla ice cream with caramelized banana slices. The bananas were caramelized to perfection. It was absolutely sinful and nothing like I had before.

The end happened without being a crater in the pocket but a bump in the stomach.

Pricing: 500 something for two (with taxes)

Location: Opposite City Centre, Ground Floor, Alcazar Plaza, Bnajara Hills

My tip: Go on a weekday!


2 thoughts on “The Grand Wok- Of chinkis, spice and caramalised bananas!

  1. I loved the post! In fact I liked it better than some of your posts in your normal blog, though this one just had 'facts'.

    The starters were amazing. Remember the Taipei chicken? I don't remember what it exactly was but we'd loved it. And their style of buffet is the perfect one for US, sloths 😀

    From next time, you should 'note down' our immediate reactions after putting the food in our mouths! I think you missed out on some things in this post but i myself can't remember what 😐 (you'll agree)


  2. 😀 may be because this is food. 😛 and I LOVE the fact that your comment is the first one.

    Oh yes. Taipei chicken. I remember we loved it.

    Great suggestion. I agree, this is only the outline of the meal we had 😐


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