Belgigue- Totally chocoladen!

My best friend accidentally found this store while strolling down to Babeque nation (which will be reviewed soon) and notified me. A pair of dollar signs immediately appeared on my dilating pupils and we decided to check this place after lunch.

A small store but you wouldn’t really care about the size of the place once you start checking out the chocolates. I noticed a great variety of flavours of well made belgium chocolates. Almond, walnut, Blueberry, mint, you name it, they have it. Assorted chocolates according to me is the best bet if you just want to taste.

Price: Standard price of 120 Rs for 100 grams
Taste: Excellent. The classic white chocolate will melt in your mouth and transport you to heaven and back.

Note: They also sell rum based flavours.

My tip: Gift them or munch one or two in your cubicle when no one’s watching.

Location: Opposite Vengal Rao Park, Banjara Hills, Road No. 1

Picture credits: Dinesh Rayala


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