Sahib Sindh Sultan- A LOT more than the alliteration!

I was extremely apprehensive about eating in this place. For two reasons
#1 Because I m not a fan of restaurants in City Centre Mall (Indi Joe’s has bad food)
#2 Because I m SICK of the whole naan-daal makhani-kadai chicken affair!

But but but, Sahib Sindh Sultan impressed me right from the first look we exchanged ( that sounds straight out of a  Gurdaas Maan flick, I know!). The waiters are dressed in pyjama pants, pagdis and coats, some like Angrez officers, the ambience totally reminded me of the Palace on wheels train.

High point #1: The menu is designed with glimpses of the 1947 revolution and every section of the menu had an interesting name. For instance “Koyle ki khaan se” indicated the choice of breads.

I wanted a drink and ordered the holi favourite Thandai– extremely refreshing and served with pistachio flakes. Blissfulness!

Next we zeroed in on Reshmi Paneer Tikka and Lamb kebabs fillled with yoghurt, for starters. Both were epic! The lamb kebabs were delicate, melt-in-mouth and absolutely heavenly. Basking in the happiness of the starters we ordered our main course comprising of -surprise, surprise- Butter naan, Paneer multani and Makhmali Murg Tikka Masala. Nothing extraordinary but very heavy on the belly. I almost panted half way through, which just FYI doesn’t usually happen to me.
Paneer Tikka
Lamb kebab
High point #2: No matter how full I am, I need to subject my diabetic tooth to you-know-what. Yes. This time it was Flambeed Gulab Jamun with brandy. Huge gulab jamun topped with nuts and lot of chashni and a teaspoonful of brandy. Exactly the one I dream of. 

Price: Free free free. Because it was a birthday treat. 😛 But I can say the place is slightly expensive but quality and pleasure guaranteed.
My tip: Starve and attack!

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