Breakfast/ Brunch special- Ruci and Idoni- Part 1/1

My breakfast wish list included the following places:

Cafe Europa– Near Diamond Point
Cafe Ofen– Banjara Hills, Road No.10
Ruci and Idoni– Banjara Hills, Road No.10

An article in The Hindu influenced this list and thanks to my Best friend the breakfast trilogy was successfully accomplished.

Ruci and Idoni:

Classy, tasteful, European are some words which perfectly describe this place. They have an outlet in GVK One Mall but we decided to hit the Road No. 10 store for we wanted to check out their candies, chocolates, fruits, green apples, imported cheese and wine.

We headed straight to the Bistro in the 3rd floor. Chose a “viewful” seating (which I think is evident from the pictures) and flipped through the menu.

I spotted Spaghetti Bolonaise and french lover in me immediately decided to order it. Also spotted Falafel pockets (something my dearest best friend was dying to have) and waited for our order to arrive while yapping away to glory

Thumbs down #1: No water was served till we asked for it.

Thumbs down #2: Waiters hid themselves somewhere and had to be hunted down every time we messy eaters needed tissues.

But I forgot all of that when the food arrived.

Spaghetti Bolonaise is a quintessential French dish which is spaghetti served with minced meat filled in the centre. *Drools while typing this*

The minced meat was tangy and went perfectly with the spaghetti, the dish was as tasty as it looked. And Falafel pocket had a typical middle eastern touch served with Pita bread. Divinity!

Next, we wanted a drink and zeroed in on Oreo Cookie Shake and the American favourite, pancakes.

Oreo Cookie Shake will move down your throat and redefine the meaning of your existence. Its THAT good, yes.

Last in the lot was fluffy, melt-in-mouth pancakes served with maple syrup. Perfect way to round up this European-Middle Eastern-American Brunch.

Pricing: 850/- for two (A la carte breakfast)
Breakfast buffet will cost you less.

My tip: Take your laptop and choose a window seating. The sexiness will follow.

The sequel to this post will be about Ofen and Europa.

NOTE: Ruci and Idoni, Banjara Hills has now been closed and replaced by Godrej’s Nature’s Basket. Honestly, I miss R&I a lot.  


4 thoughts on “Breakfast/ Brunch special- Ruci and Idoni- Part 1/1

  1. Hmm nice to know except spaghetti bolognaise (bolognese in italian) is an italian dish with its origin in Bologna, Italy and not a french dish. 'bolognaise is just how one would spell it in however love the suggestion to go with one's laptop


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