Breakfast/ Brunch special – Ofen and Europa- Part 1/2

After all the cream rolls and veg puffs I ate in bakeries named after various gods, I thought it was high time to raise my standards and hence, the whole breakfast/ brunch in “better” places idea came into being. So carrying on from the previous post, here’s my little tale about the experience in Europa and Ofen..

Café Ofen is a COOL place from the outside. Its even cooler when you enter and the coolness continued till the AC starts to leak and you have to shift your table. True story.

But apart from those little droplets, everything else which was served made us resolve to go back.

The to-die-for list includes: (in picture above)

— Multigrain and multilayer sandwiches —
— Mushroom Omelette —
— Walnut brownie–
— La Tiramisu —

Ok that list is pretty much everything we ordered. The only hitch was the Lasagne Florentine. An overdose of cheese and spinach.

I suggest you try the other desserts too, from their extensive counter right at the entrance and I can bet all my money that you will salivate like never before. I liked the fact that they pay attention to details (Walnut brownie was sprinkled with icing sugar) and the service is pretty quick too.

We came out happy and content from Ofen while the taste of Walnut brownie lingered in my mouth.

My tip: Go try their breakfast menu, anytime.


5 Reasons why you should go to Europa:

#1 The comfy sofas! Yes. You can lay your behind there and yap for hours without being given the ab-toh-jao look from anyone.

#2 Every glass table has a label which says “Wifi available” and the p/w written on it. Coolness I say!

#3 Omelette is served with butter and jam. I found it very very appealing! Its like Mom serving me at a restaurant. (I hope I dont get beaten up if she reads this)

#4 The waiter smiles and smiles and smiles and smiles till you go “Wtf?”. You need to experience that.

#5 For their Pasta Primavera served with brocolli and white sauce, Spanish and Country side omelettes, Hazelnut frappé and the chocolate fudge cake served with vanilla icecream.

My tip: I think #5 overrules all the others. GO try Europa!

Pricing: Around 650/- for two in Café Ofen and 599/- for two in Café Europa


6 thoughts on “Breakfast/ Brunch special – Ofen and Europa- Part 1/2

  1. The Club Sandwich(you forgot the name:|)! Omg! I remember how we gave each other that 'omfg' look after a bite of it.

    The La-Tiramisu was SEXY! And you forgot to mention it, just because 'I' had it?!

    Btw Europa completes MY triangle also :P. No prizes for guessing which one.


  2. reading your blog for the first time and absolutely in love with it. I was thinking to try some diet plan but if I read this on a regular basis – I don't see any chance of doing that.. keep posting 🙂


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