Chocolate room- Lot of room for improvement!

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If you’ve followed my wishlist widget, you would’ve seen this post coming. Plus its really difficult to resist a place which is named this way. But it turned out to be like one of those men who zoom around in a Kawasaki but are grey matter-ly challenged.

We decided to try the Banjara Hills Road No. 10 outlet and it looked sexy. Expectations soared and so did the level of saliva. Plush outdoor and indoor seating. The only area that gets a 10/10 in this place. First things first, we decided to order Baguette (A typical french bread) and the order arrived only when I used the tissues to weep, because of the delay.

#Thumbs down moment 1:. Waiters behave as if there’s NO one in the place and you’ll be forced to graduate from the civilized “Excuse me” to “Bhaiya, aaj doge ke kal?”

We surfed the menu frantically and ordered a  bunch of things so as to be taken a little more seriously by the waiters. Capsicum crepes, Tiramisu choctail (fancy names eh?), Chocolate cake included in the list.

The baguette arrived at a time when I was so hungry that I couldve eaten the waiter’s fingers along with it. Excellent and fluffy bread with mayo-ed ghaas phoos in it. It was like they freelanced Mc. Donalds to do the filling of the bread. Sait overload. Disappointment.

The crepes arrived swimming in some strange tomato sauce which was like the gujju version tomato ketchup. The sweetness of the ketchup completely killed the awesomeness of the crepe. Disappointment.

Next up came the Tiramisu choctail and their signature chocolate cake. The cake was WAY too small to be called a cake and vanished from the plate almost as soon as it came. The choctail was like any other frappe you’ll have. I have no clue why it was called Tiramisu shake anyway. Disappointment again.

By the time we were sure we chose a wrong place to eat, came the check. My pocket cried when I parted with three crisp notes of 100 each for this not-so-chocolaty experience.

My Tip: Skip skip skip. (rhyming intended) I’ve heard their Hitech City outlet is good though. If it is, let me know.


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