The Westin- Things that dreams are made of!

And The Westin jinx finally broke! I decided to lunch in this place on my birthday (September) but Hyderabad was having its mood swings and the rain completely ruined my plans. The Westin remained a distant dream ever since.

But I finally made it to this place on an early Monday morning with half understood directions, hunting lane after lane, asking auto drivers and watchmans and finally making it on time. The bad part ended there.
The moment you enter the gargantuan complex of Westin Mindspace you can start practising all the breath holding exercises shown in Aastha Channel. The Westin has every element a 5 star Hotel should possess. Veerapan style moustaches of the door men, Spondilitis inducing high ceilings, firangis in formals and an aura of luxury. Every bit of this place will make little balloons of happiness burst inside you.
Their restaurant is called Seasonal Tastes and is the first thing you notice on the left side of the lobby, especially if you skip dinner on the previous night. We decided to choose a seat somewhere in centre and took a few long deep breaths before we proceeded to delve our taste buds into moments of gastronomical ecstasy. (read eat like starved prisoners)
Unintentionally or intentionally we checked out the dessert sections first and the bhookha bhediya in me immediately took everything I saw. I would prefer not naming EVERY thing that we ate in this buffet because of the large spread that it was. It’ll probably take you one whole day to try all their counters. We wound up in an hour. 
The desserts were light, fluffy, melt in mouth. Each with its own decadent flavours. Berliner, Fig and Peach flavoured yoghurt and Danish pastry deserve a special mention.

From the total distance that my eye balls could cover, I saw fruits, eggs (with EVERY topping you can think of), Indian (Its difficult for some people to ditch their dosas and idlis even in THE Westin), Desserts, Sausages, Toast with sexy black currant jam and standard butter AND waffle and Pancake counters.

The waffles were served with lots of whipped cream, white and dark chocolate. Pancakes were fluffy, light and made to perfection. You will be spoilt for choice when it come to toppings for each.

I tucked in everything I could from all counters and experienced true foodgasm. Ill fall short of words if I go ahead and explain my feelings but to round up,  Westin is truly a 5 Star experience that will be etched in your memory forever.


-The Westin Mindspace, Madhapur

-Breakfast buffet starts at 6:30 AM and closes at 10:30 AM. But they will make your omelettes with a smile till about 10:40.

– Priceless. I can pay anything for this breakfast. But may be you wont.

-Also try Lunch and Dinner buffet on all weekdays and their special Sunday Brunch on Sundays with unlimited drinks.

My tip: Not for people who put money before food. Only if you are ready to shell out some big bucks will I recommend this place. And once that is taken care, let Westin blow your mind and tongue with its exotic and completely international standards.


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