Sweet Nirvana- More than just sweet!

If you followed the wish list widget on my blog you should know that Sweet Nirvana was hovering on my wish list for really really long.
I think it started ever since I “liked” their Fb page (http://www.facebook.com/SweetNirvanaHyderabad). Just take a look at their albums and you’ll know what I m saying!
Thumbs up #1 – The Location- Traffic noise free, breezy outdoor, stylish seats, Sweet Nirvana is your best bet after a long week of work. We flipped through the menu to find a large spread of appetizers, main course and dessert (I suppose the menu has atleast 10 pages) right from Russian to French to American cuisine. We zeroed in on Chicken Kiev and Lamb meat balls to start with and decided to order the desserts later.
Chicken Kiev is a classic Ukranian delicacy which is a boneless chicken breast coated with garlic butter and herbs, deep fried and stuffed with a corn and spinach filling in the center. One piece in your mouth and it is an explosion of several flavours. The chicken was perfectly cooked and not for once did the flavour of corn and spinach overpower the chicken. I was speechless. Oh and very filling for two.
Lamb meat balls were nicely made. But my best half liked it better.
It was time to try the desserts, Sweet Nirvana’s USP, and boy! was it good!
We ordered Créme brulée cheesecake and Banoffee pie. Créme brulée is a famous french dessert. A rich custard base topped with caramel. And with créeme brulee cheesecake they went ahead and brought about the fusion of two spectacular desserts together. The cheesecake had the perfect consistency and the sweet in caramel was balanced. Result = Thumbs up and toes up
Banoffee pie was the surprise package of the meal. Packed with caramel and slices of banana and topped with whipped cream. This is totally my idea of Nirvana.
My tip- Is there anything else that should be said?
Pricing- Rs. 400 for two on an average
For more check http://www.sweetnirvana.in 

 Lamb Meat Balls
 Chicken Kiev
 Créme brulée cheesecake
 Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie (Cross Section)

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