Little Italy- Italian at its best

There has been a sudden overflow of Italian restaurants in Hyderabad (most of them in and around Jubilee Hills) but one place I was dying to try was Little Italy, Jubilee Hills, especially after the Karkhana branch of the same restaurant was shut down. (went there on new year’s eve only to be shoo-ed away by the watchman)

Its a boon that most good restaurants in Jubilee hills are away from the traffic and pollution and close to my office. Little Italy overlooking the entire jubilee hills view steals your heart right from the beginning. I had lot of expectations from the food since their Karkhana branch served us some fabulous stuff.

We opted for the buffet and started off with tortilla chips with tomato salsa and pita bread with hummus and Mutabbal. My best friend has a tendency of getting too excited at the very sight of pita bread, hummus and middle eastern cuisine in general (got free lessons on how to pronounce hummus -from the epiglottis-) The dips were heavenly!

For starters came Special Tacos and Funghi Trifolata (Garlic bread served with herbed mushrooms). It was my first time with tacos and I was blown away. Beans, sauces, topped with grated cottage cheese, the tacos were crunchy, melt in the mouth, subtle yet sexy. The mushrooms in Funghi Trifolata were brilliantly cooked and went well with the crispy buttery garlic breads.

Next we were served the Little Italy special thin crust pizzas (Mediterranean and Margharita respectively). It would be wrong to compare these with our Pizza Huts and Dominos but nothing impressive about the wood burnt pizzas here.

I couldn’t have left without trying pastas in Little Italy so it was time for Fusilli with mushrooms and white sauce and my eternal favourite Spinach Ravioli with mixed sauce. It was the best Ravioli I’ve ever tried. Completely foodgasm material I say!

We rounded up with sinful nutella and banana filled pancakes and a refreshing blueberry dessert and left the restaurant with a huge grin.

Oh and the restaurant is completely vegeterian.

My tip- Great place for a casual lunch. Can’t say if its the best italian fare in the city coz I m yet to try the others.

Price- 485 per head including taxes.

 Tortilla chips, tomato salsa, hummus and Mutabbal
Special Tacos                                                                    
 Funghi Trifolata
    Left- Mediterranean Right- Margharita Pizza
 Fusilli + Spinach Ravioli
Blueberry cup

3 thoughts on “Little Italy- Italian at its best

  1. you need someone who can describe the food better 🙂 If you do find someone like that hire them 😀 and prolly pay them in juices at work if they think that is a good way to get repaid 🙂


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