Via Milano- Fine dining and more

I told myself on the third visit to this restaurant that there have been very few places that have had this kind of an impact on me. Its time for me to justify my love for Via Milano.

Via Milano is a true gourmet delight. It is one of the best Italian joints in the city that boast of serving aunthentic Italian food (Little Italy comes a close second) and undoubtedly has a chef that I would like have as a prospective husband. My first impression of the place can be summarized in one word, sophistication. Located in Jubilee Hills, Via Milano’s decor has a calming, almost nirvanic effect on your senses, thanks to its all-white decor and an extremely tastefully done bar section.

The menu is extensive with a wide range of starters, main course and desserts. However, my best friend and I have a few favourites. One of them being fried chicken coated with garlic. It is crispy, crunchy and has just the corect amount of garlic that elevates it from a simple chicken starter to a completely different level.

This time round we decided to order Bruschetta served with lettuce, chicken and cheese as well as spaghetti in cream and tomato sauce served with mushrooms and broccoli (best friend insisted on extra broccoli, thanks to our growing broccoli lurrvve) for main course. One mouthful of crispy bruschetta, fresh lettuce and chicken and I was transported to another planet. Absolute brilliance. I was curious to know what sauce they topped it with and the cheese they used for the topping. In fact, the presentation was so good, you could be misled to think of it as an intricate dessert.

After a few minutes arrived the spaghetti. Nothing short of perfect, the spaghetti was light, had the right amount of sauce, add to that some grated parmesan cheese that totally makes for a spiritual experience. After a while into a  rejuvenating conversation, I felt the need to celebrate with a drink and exploit the happy hour as told by one of  the chinky waiters and I zeroed in on a cocktail called Cosmopolitan. It was light and refreshing and did not get onto my head (if you know what I mean).

For the first time in many years I did not feel the need to end the meal with a dessert. *Applauds self in a royal award ceremony manner*

High points: -Great and attentive service

– Aunthentic fine dining experience

– Total value for money

Also check out their sunday brunch, lunch buffet and Jazz evening (drinks and unlimited starters) options. A must visit place if you are a sucker for a fine dining experience or simply want to go beyond pizzas and all the rubbish they sell in the name of Italian.

PS: the grainy picture is all thanks to the spontaneous planning. The camera was thoroughly missed.


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