So very spectacular!

The francophile in me always imagined going to a restaurant and flipping through a menu filled with french classics that would paste a huge grin on my face and some french music playing in the background. So did exactly that. Oh well, “So” is the name of the restaurant.

A roof top restaurant located in Jubilee Hills (above Little Italy), So has a calming effect on you, especially if the weather happens to behave itself in Hyderabad. The seating is extremely cozy and unique with an effort to replicate a you-are-close-to-nature feel. Very attentive service and a really extensive european menu (that has been recently modified with much more european-ness added to it) makes me rank this restaurant very high on my must-go-again-and-again list.

On my recent visit, we decided to order a grilled chicken starter that was succulent, chewy and served with a mind blowing dip. On the surface, it seemed like a regular grilled chicken starter to me but one bite and I found it overwhelmingly flavourful. Next we went for Penne mele, a dry tossed preparation of penne with zucchini, carrot and mushrooms. A much needed respite from the massively abused ‘red’ and ‘white’ sauce filled pastas. Light, wow-worthy and an extremely pleasing addition to the meal.

A long gossip and laughter session later, we found our stomach asking for more and ended up ordering flat bread topped with chicken, tomatoes and cheese. It was just a thin crust pizza without a sauce on it. Striking nevertheless.

The show stopper was saved for the last though. No prizes for guessing, it was the dessert. After a lot of thought I decided to go  for brownies with poached pears. A really interesting combination of 4 layers, chocolate sauce, walnut brownies, poached pears with whipped cream topped with honeycomb. A spoonful with all the layers and I just stopped talking, closed my eyes and devoured every bite. Definitely one of the most fantastic sweet something to go down my throat.

I am definitely going back to this place. ‘So’ should you. (Well, there had to be a bad pun somewhere!)

And it is way too dark for some decent dinner clicks. Sigh.

Price: 1000/- to 1200/- for two

My tip: Go when it is breezy. Doubles the awesomeness.


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