Truffles Cafe- Of canneloni and mushrooms..

I have been eyeing this place ever since a friend told me about it and I kept feasting my eyes on the tantalizing photos each time I landed on their facebook page ( ). I kept postponing the plan for a long time owing to all the madness life was throwing at my way (quit my job, landed up in another, thanked a lot of gods, finished paperwork… I think you get the picture)

So one week at the new workplace and my craving to save my camera from algae formation sky rocketed. I cajoled my dearest best friend to accompany me for a Sunday morning breakfast/brunch and we had a gala time getting lost while looking for this place.

Truffles Cafe is a three level cafe with indoor and really comfy outdoor seating. The yellow walls, offbeat posters and the earthy decor just makes it the ideal place for a lazy Sunday morning. Honestly, I thought this would be one of those hyped cafes with lousy food in a posh locality that has just become a place for elites to show off their Guccis and Pradas on weekends. And then arrived the barbecued vegetable sandwiches, devilled eggs and cajun fried mushrooms.

Sandwich had just the right amount of flavour you would need in one bite that was followed by a lot of f words flying across either sides of the table. I wanted more and dug into the devilled eggs. I was disappointed because I had formed a mental image of the devilled eggs my father made (boiled eggs coated with a thick layer of mashed potato coated with bread crumbs and deep fried) and was expecting some fireworks on the table when it arrived. The dip was still a winner.

We ate like we had just escaped a prison. But I managed a few shots before I finally gave in. There were no “baap ka cafe hai kya?” looks from anyone so we sat there ordering a hot cup of Caramel Latte and a  chocolate muffin to go with it.

I had read a lot about their Chocolate mousse cannelloni in various reviews and decided to end my meal with it (not much to my best friend’s surprise). The gooey, creamy mousse filling oozing out of the crepe will feature in my dreams for sure.

A great place to spend a lazy weekend morning or even a weekday if you are not a corporate bitch like me.

Price: For all that you read, 550/- per head.

My tip: Try their wood burnt pizzas and let me know how you like them.


4 thoughts on “Truffles Cafe- Of canneloni and mushrooms..

  1. Awesome post and tempting food pictures.

    You stole that friend away from my plan for drinks 😐 !

    You owe us one – i.e come for drinks with us next weekend ! Yay ! 😀

    Now after looking at these pictures I want home delivery now. **dreams about this food and cozy rooms and awesome movie**


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