Breakfast at Chutneys- Finally!

Yes, I should be disowning myself since this was my first time in THE Chutney’s after living in Hyderabad for close to a decade. But I am glad my dearest friend decided to treat me here for breakfast on her birthday.

I have to admit I have a huge weakness for a heavy south Indian breakfast complete with soft and spongy idlis served with the traditional allam pachadi (sweet ginger chutney), karam podi (A roasted powder of crushed spices) and coconut chutney. I am also a closet upma lover and I can kill for that Masala dosa on my table with tangy and edgy mashed potato masala that is so much in quantity that it oozes out of the crispy dosa.

My quest for the perfect Masala dosa has made me try quite a few versions of it. One of the most memorable of them being in Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan, Bengaluru where I slurped away easily of the best Masala dosas of all times with a huge dollop of butter.The one in Chutney’s, Jubilee Hills came a close second.

I was prepared to not miss what this place is most famous for, Guntur Idlis, especially after reading Kalyan Karmakar‘s post on the same restaurant. The plate was brought along with an array of chutneys I had not tasted before (one of them made of corn, one of coriander and coconut and another that was not so easily decipherable) and I tried them all. We ordered Pooris with Aloo kurma and asked the waiter to decode MLA Dosa for us. MLA Dosa is apparently a regular dosa with upma filling in it. My stomach felt particularly unparliamentary towards the latter and we decided to end the meal with a tall glass of – what looked like vanilla milkshake- buttermilk.

Guntur Idlis

Pooris with Aloo Kurma

Guntur Idlis, smothered with podi with a careless drizzle of melted ghee was my show stopper. It was one of the best Idlis that has ever hit my palate. It should definitely feature in their MUST-order-or-you’re-not-doing-justice-to-this-place section in their menu. The aloo kurma that was served with the Pooris had a quintessential andhra touch to it. It is slightly milky in taste and is cooked with peas. I am guessing one of my neighbours should be able to help me with the recipe.

Another striking aspect of the meal was their menu. It is a complete no-frills menu and they have listed all their specialities clearly enough to strike you right in the beginning and it works well especially if you have gone to the place having some of their dishes in mind.
HIGHLY recommended for a hearty south indian fare.

Price for two- 300-350 INR

They have multiple branches in the city.


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