Nellore vari meals- Andhra thali redefined!

I would have stabbed myself had I missed eating some local Andhra food complete with banana leaves, hot ghee and podi during my 3 day stay at Vizag.

So on the last day of our visit, we went frantically looking for the image of Andhra food that was in our minds. Upon our initial findings, our driver suggested Hotel Green Park because it is very famous in Vizag. Green Park, however, turned out to be a five star hotel. Rejected.

Next we went to a muilticuisine restaurant called Executive dining court where curd rice was featured in North Indian Thali. They also had Spaghetti Bolugunaise on the menu. We excused ourselves and asked them to suggest a place that would meet our mental image of the perfect Andhra food. God bless them that they lead us to this homely place near Dabagardens. A place that seemed like THE one at the very first sight.

We reached Nellore Vari meals at 7:00PM and the food was served within 10 mins. Its a blessing that people in A.P like to have their dinner early. I just had my phone with me so clicked these few photos before we famished souls plunged into the hot rice and an array of curries and fries.

 Podi, pickles and salt. The centre bowl was later filled with hot ghee

The meal included a crisp ladyfinger fry, a white korma with turai (Ridge Gourd), a tangy pappu (daal) and carrot pachadi (chutney). Very very Andhra and delicious beyond words. Rice served hot along with some amazing rasam, sambhar and thick curd by the side. This was my favourite meal during our stay in beachy town.

The servers forgot to keep the ghee on our table and brought it at a time when we almost ended our meal. It was almost impossible to resist the aroma of hot ghee lying unattended on my table so I listened to it’s telepathic voice and went for another helping of rice with just the pappu and ghee. What I felt after this meal was a state of complete bliss and homeliness. The place reminded me why I fell in love with this state and its food in the first place. You cannot miss this phenomenal meal if you happen to be here.

Nellore Vari Meals, Opposite DabaGardens, Visakhapatnam
Price: 60 INR per plate, unlimited food
Owner’s pug lounging around- Free free free!

Carrot chutney, Ladyfinger fry, turai korma, pappu and rice


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