CAL and my love affair with food..

I don’t know how it started but it definitely cannot be put under the category of love at first sight. It was more of starting with ignorance, slowly evolving, understanding, experimenting, unconditional loving, experiencing highs and lows but still going strong kind of a relationship. My love affair with food is one of those fairy tales that I believe is much beyond the realm of a temporary uproar on the taste buds.

What good food does to me? Time and again it tells me how passion, technique and experimentation can bring magic on your table. It teaches me that good food that is made with love and care is the only real reason to live. It gives me a peek into different countries, their culture, their culinary nuances, the history and ultimately how food is all about celebration of moments. Moments that transform seemingly ordinary into unforgettable.

Of late, I have grown from being a snobby eater to a selective eater and a beginner level cook, who voraciously hunts for basic recipes and gives them a shot. Some of them happen to be pleasant surprises, others not so much but I realized how therapeutic the entire process of cooking is. The cooking high is unmatched. And this has a lot to do with being part of one of the best Food Forums I have come across in a long time on Facebook which is called Chef at Large. 

Chef at Large (CAL as we fondly call it) is a food forum that brings together close to 2000 people from across the world who swear by food, are passionate beyond words and whose life pretty much revolve around food and its nuances. The best part about the forum is the way it brings together amateurs like me and highly knowledgeable and skilled professional cooks at various levels. Be it extraordinary home cooks and bakers, food stylists, chefs or photographers. The learning is immense and the addiction is surreal.

However, there’s one quality consistent among all members, it is humility, warmth and acceptance that you get for your flaws and your little successes. CAL has opened me to a world of absolutely world class food photographers, stylists, cooks and plethora of recipes I wont think twice before trying, which is something I always wished to be exposed to.

Although I am not one of the very active members in the group, I am almost married to it. I observe, laugh at humorous posts, feel completely in awe of the food and stunning photos, gathering tips and tricks and I know I will be at it for a long time to come.

This post is dedicated to the fabulousness of CAL and it’s people. And thank you to my dearest friend Madhuri Kumar, a highly talented baker, photographer and cook herself, for introducing me to this group.


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