Zaffran – Novotel, Vizag – Kebabs and the bong connection

Burning under the guilt of making a defiant and shabby entry on the previous night, we decided to deck ourselves and look special on our second visit to Hotel Novotel. The Managers seemed to recognize us or maybe they just smile like that at every guest that enters the hotel, either ways, we entered Zaffran hoping for a magical evening. It was visibly recovering from the weekend frenzy with just one table being occupied and we knew we were in for some relaxed time ahead.

As I had mentioned in my earlier post on The Square, I had read some very good reviews of this place. There was a special mention was about their decor, almost in every review that I had read and I understood why. The place is done very tastefully, has a royal palatial feel to it and is totally meant for your special occasions.

I flipped through the menu looking to order some classics. Galaouti kebab was on top of my list. We quickly asked for Galaouti kebabs, Tandoori broccoli and Murgh tikka angari (I asked to tone down the angaar since there’s very little chilly I can handle).

 Galouti kebab and Tandoori broccoli

Father called for a beer and pop came a Bong waiter suggesting what beer to drink, indulging in some bong bonding and conversation. It is incredible how many Bengali waiters we end up meeting in restaurants, especially when I am out with family. 

Musharraf, originally from Kolkata has been in the Food industry for quite some time and was with The Park, Hyderabad before moving to the newly launched Hotel Novotel in Vizag about 9 months back. He was friendly, alert and helped us deciding on a few dishes. He also effectively cajoled my father into a second glass of beer after asking us about our place of origin and professions. 
Our starters arrived, and unable to hold our sober selves any longer, we decided to begin. The broccoli had a vinegar like punch to it, a very different kind of marination and was roasted just right. I instantly begun floating in the brilliance of the broccoli. The galaouti kebab was sheer brilliance, smooth texture of the meat, it melted in the mouth, just the perfect start to the meal. Murgh tikka angari was quite our usual chicken tikka one gets in different parts of the country and couldn’t quite match up to the first two starters.
For main course, we went with stuffed paneer and masala kulcha, laccha paratha and plain whole wheat rotis with chicken lababda, a reccomendation that came from the staff. The kulchas were outstanding, filled with minced paneer and masala filling and seemed like a perfect orchestration with the chicken. They vanished in minutes. Must say that the portions of bread here are quite large (1 portion has four pieces of bread) and was quite overwhelming for a family of three.

The best part of the meal was the surprise vanilla pineapple pastry with a happy birthday messaged piped on the tray. (Did I mention it was my birthday?) It was a small but very touching gesture and definitely made the meal very special.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the service and experience and decided to go an extra mile by making a special mention to the staff in the feedback form. (Pastries do that to me!)

If you ever happen to go to Vizag, please do not miss Zaffran. For the love of kebabs, and more.

Zaffran, Novotel Varun Beach, Vizag
Price: 1K per head on an average
Only À la carte
Bong bonding- Free free free!


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