English breakfasts and another visit to Cafe Truffles

All the twitter and Facebook bombarding of links led my friend back to my previous post on Cafe Truffles. It fuelled a rather nostalgic and hungry conversation that soon led to intense breakfast cravings. We started to think if there was a new place to try for a lavish English breakfast because we have exhausted most places on our wishlisht for breakfast. After racking our brains for some time, I realized how few options there really are in Hyderabad with an all day breakfast concept or even a vibrant Café with good continental breakfast, in the lines of Mondegar, LPQ or Candies in Mumbai.

Although, it is a completely different story that in Hyderabad Café translates to places with good old Irani chai, chaand biscuits, miniature samosas, chicken biryani or even South Indian food.

So with plans of a long trip to Mumbai in distant future and a heavy heart, more so after reading some sensational breakfast posts by Kalyan Karmakar (one of my favourite food bloggers), we decided to go back to Truffles for a relaxed breakfast indulgence on a Saturday morning.

French toast on a bed of grilled bananas and mascarpone dip

I badly wanted to try their grilled bananas and french toast with mascarpone dip after I saw the photo on their facebook page. This features in their special weekend breakfast menu that they serve till about 12PM on saturdays and sundays, well, make that 1PM after a wide smile and some nudging.

We jumped into ordering a spanish omelette, a non-vegetarian club sandwich, blueberry pancakes (because friend and I are worshipers of the gorgeous purple berries) and ofcourse, the french toast. The pancakes arrived first with hot molten chocolate sauce. The toughest part here was to wait till I finished clicking. Fortunately, my company had patience in abundance.

The pancakes were light, fluffly with gorgeous bits of blueberry. I am guessing they used canned and not whole blueberries but tasted great nevertheless. Loved the purple tinge to them and a dip into the luscious chocolate sauce just took it up by one level. I needed a good dosage of savory to enjoy my french toast later on. The club sandwich and omelette arrived just in time. A layer of minced chicken and mayo, another layer with fried eggs and bacon, this was the Truffles take on Non-vegetarian sandwich and boy, was it good.

About the Spanish omelette, what’s not to love? There’s egg and there’s goodness of crunchy vegetables. I took my toast, slathered it with butter and had it with the omelette. Don’t blame me, did not use the word indulgence for nothing.

Spanish omelette, hashbrown, lettuce and tomato
Club sandwiches

We ended our brunch with the much awaited french toast. I could have taken a walk before getting onto this one but in my head I did, and plunged my fork into the grilled slices of bananas, the soft buttery loaf and dipped it into the smooth mascarpone dip. It was divine, to say the least and the perfect happy ending to a stellar breakfast. We sat in the cafe for quite a few hours, catching up on unfinished stories and observing people, a well deserved break from half eaten meals and running after deadlines. A breakfast like this replenishes my energies and fuels me like no other.

As much as I love my occassional trips to places famous for their Idli dosa fare, I sincerely wish more cousins of Cafe Truffles bless this city in times to come.

4 thoughts on “English breakfasts and another visit to Cafe Truffles

  1. thanks for the mention and the breakfast looks so luscious…I could kill for those pancakes…and the french toasts…god the sweet cousin to our bong salty ones…and even the egg…such great photos


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