The nth visit to Milano- A gamble that paid off

I have to admit I get jitters choosing a restaurant for my family. Not that they’re over the top fussy but the underlying fear of not understanding their palate and landing up in a place that they do not relish makes me really nervous. So I usually hold back and stick to the options closer home serving the safe North Indian/’Chinese’.

But last week I made an exception. I held my ground and insisted we try something different. It helped that my uncle and aunt who were visiting us enjoyed good continental food and just had a small request after their fair share of stomach burning gravies, “anything that is light, not too spicy and that serves you-know-what”. I racked my brains, changed my mind a 100 times before finalizing Via Milano.

Yes, I have shared my love for this fine dining restaurant on the blog before and also on a few restaurant listing sites, I have been here several times for some very memorable lunches/dinners and can never get enough of this place. However, choosing it for family who were totally new to Italian food and seemed apprehensive about what the meal would have in store for them was a completely different ball game altogether. Might seem a bit exaggerated when I say this but I maintain this has to be one of the biggest experiment i have made for family and to my relief, it paid off!

Wholemeal Tagliatelle, Lasagne and ravioli

Pesto filled calzones

I had gone through the menu before hand and finalized on a few things to order according to what my audience would like. Sure, I did take the staff’s recommendation on the starters and tried to explain a few dishes to everyone before they were served  (Oh! I am a big show off like that) so they wouldnt have rude shocks later on but hey! what the heck, Italian cuisine is beautiful, how can anyone not like it?!

So there we were, digging into our pesto filled calzones and baked chicken for starters accompanied by good rosé wine and long conversation. For main course we ordered chicken lasagne, wholemeal tagliatelle with smoked chicken and mushroom ravioli. The lasagne was an instant hit, with it’s delectable minced chicken filling and cheese. I think the minced chicken here did the trick. Is it just a very Indian thing to do to relate foreign dishes with ingredients used in the native cuisine?! I got a lot of “Oh! there’s keema in it” from everyone on the table and I knew it was going right.

As always, Milano was spot on with the pasta. The tagliatelle with chunks of chicken had a beautiful creamy texture. There is something magical about tasting pasta that is made from scratch. I mentally featured it in my must-try-at-home list. I was not sure if the portions would be fine for five people but surprisingly we were quite full to order desserts but those who dine with me regularly will know that I consider it blasphemous to leave a restaurant without ordering a dessert. I called in for the classic tiramisu.

It took longer to arrive than the total time taken for starters and main course put together (the restaurant had slowly started to get full by then) but it was worth the wait. Creamy mascarpone mixture over layers of sponge soaked in kahlua and a generous sifting of cocoa on top, you cant go wrong with that.

Tiramisu with muskmelon slices

I relaxed, immersed myself into the moment, saw the happy faces of people who mattered the most. I realized this is how it is with people who have seen you through the journey of infancy to adulthood. They slowly let go of their fears, trust your choice completely and love you more with each day.


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