For the love of blueberries

I love blueberries. In any form. Blueberry jam in tarts, blueberry compote drizzled on my Sunday morning pancakes, blueberries in my baked cheesecake, I find them impossible to resist. Being the grocery hoarder that I am, I generally pick blueberries (or anything for that matter) without planning ahead what I am going to do with them. I am just fortunate these frozen beauties stay intact for a long time.

So last week, I just decided to bake these super moist and fluffy blueberry muffins after a long day at work. Now you can absolutely use blueberry preserve or blueberry jam instead of the berries but the magic of biting into the muffins and bumping into a chunk of molten berry in your mouth is unmatched.

I just used a basic sponge cake recipe and threw these thawed blueberries in the batter.

Just one small note, make sure your berries are thawed completely and dust them with a pinch of flour before mixing them into the batter so the moisture doesn’t seep into your batter.


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