Embarrassingly easy Nutella coffee mascarpone mousse

I have a confession to make today. I am an obsessive compulsive grocery hoarder.

I buy a million ingredients from a supermarket and then I have no clue what to do with it. Till the ingredients are about to expire. It’s like a disease. Like last week I went to buy brown sugar in a supermarket and bought a million other things along with it. Including some really expensive unsalted butter. Sigh.

I am posting this on the blog after a lot of thought because it is embarrassingly easy and comes together literally under 5 minutes but tastes so GODDAMN good. There’s richness of Nutella and a gentle coffee after taste that is almost impossible to resist. And of course, there is creamy mascarpone!

Finish with some grated chocolate and hazelnuts and voila!


1 tub of Mascarpone cheese (about 350gms)
1/2 pack of Amul cream
1/2 cup Nutella Hazelnut spread
1 tsp of strong instant coffee + 1/4th cup of water
Icing sugar to taste (Check the sweetness as Nutella is quite sweet on it’s own)

For topping (optional)

Grated dark chocolate/ chocolate shavings
Handful of hazelnuts


Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl until it is a smooth mixture. Chill in shot glasses/ icecream bowls for a minimum of one hour before serving. Add grated chocolate and hazelnuts. Gobble spoonfuls.


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