Coconut and jam tartlets

I go through these phases when I don’t even want to look at chocolate. Yes, you read that right.

In these phases, I dream of bright yellow lemons, creamy salted caramel, dessicated coconut, pears, peaches, assorted berries… you get the picture.

These tartlets are a result of one such phase. I wanted something different. Tang of lemon, dash of berries kind of different. After a lot of flipping between lemon curd sandwiched in plain sponge and a rich dessert with coconut in it, I zeroed in on this beautiful recipe of coconut and jam tarts from one of my favourite food blogs, My Jhola by Saee Koranne Khandekar.

This is like a sexified version of narkel naadu (A traditional bengali sweet made of freshly scraped coconut and sugar) in a beautiful shortcrust pastry shell.

I used my favourite shortcrust pastry recipe for the tartlet shells. Here’s the full recipe on Saee’s blog.

I chilled these overnight and took a big bite while writing this post. The fudge has set and the jam is oozing from the bottom of the tartlet. Day = made.

PS: Showing off my newly acquired bright blue plate and bamboo mats. I think they’re quite sexy. What do you think?


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