Classic Mojito

I absolutely love mixing cocktails for friends and family. There is nothing more heartwarming than having a well-stocked bar to entertain people at home along with some barbecue action happening on the side.

If there is one basic drink that is a must have in your cocktail mixing repertoire it has to be a classic mojito. Muddled lemon wedges, fresh mint with a hit of vodka, and sprite just does the trick for me. Lots of ice, of course. The fresh aroma of the mint and juicy lemons just elevates the experience of this cocktail with every sip.

A pitcher of mojito at your brunch table will be an absolute crowd pleaser with hardly any work needed to put it together. Recipe follows.




You will need:
2-3 bunches of freshest mint leaves
1 litre Sprite
4-5 medium lemons (cut into wedges)
240ml vodka
Ice cubes

In a pitcher, add 120 ml of vodka, lemon wedges, mint and fill with ice cubes. Top the pitcher with sprite and serve.


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