Sunday things

I am sure all of us agree that Sundays are magical. A day completely at your disposal. A day to stop running the race we’re running all week and smile and greet strangers (in a non-creepy way, of course). A day to eat indulgent meals and somehow managing to plonk yourself on a comfy bed for a well-deserved afternoon siesta.

As a celebration of all things Sunday – I present to you Sunday things, a series of posts that I plan to publish every Sunday with newly found recipes that I wish to try, food ramblings, Sunday still life pictures, new cafes I went to and some dishes that blew my mind. I hope you enjoy these weekend lists and I am hoping to publish some new recipes (hello procrastination, my old friend!) on the blog soon. 🙂

  • Still dreaming about the almond croissant and cappuccino I had at Cafe Eclat, Gachibowli. Dreaming about everything on their counter, for that matter.
  • Currently reading – The F word by Mita Kapur. One of the best food writing I’ve come across so far. This was a gift from father quite sometime back. So glad I picked it up again.
  • Dying to try this Coffee Crunch cake by Donal Skehan (who I have a massive crush on). Also his photography and styling ❤
  • Crispy eggs benedict, what?! As if poached eggs and hollandaise sauce wont make you swoon already. SO. much. Epic.
  • On a related note, someone teach me how to poach eggs 😦
  • Did I mention I bought Maunika Gowardhan’s cookbook? I’ve always, always wanted to buy a good Indian cookbook and this one has a phenomenal collection of recipes from across the country. I love how the book is categorized into four major sections – Hungry, Lazy, Indulgent and Celebratory. If I manage to learn and ace even one recipe from this book, I am worried my mother will say, “Beta now you are ready for marriage” *shudder*
  • I found the perfect recipe to use my black bananas peeking from the fridge – Greek Yogurt Chocolate Banana muffins. Warning issued in public interest – Pinterest can cause insomnia!
  • Also dying to visit Churrolto in Madhapur. Just to give you an idea – they make churro ice cream sandwiches *faints*

That’s it for today. Have a phenomenal Sunday!


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