Sunday things – Part II

It was a bright Sunday morning and as usual the first thoughts revolved around “what to eat for breakfast”. Steamed dosa take away from tiffin center seemed most convenient. No need to change into jeans, no need to jump out of bed and leave the cozy blanket. I dragged myself to the balcony and walking up to the cafe right across the street was even more tempting. The thought of hazelnut cappuccino made me salivate and was motivating enough to stop slothing around and change into something more appropriate for a cafe (read pyjamas and sleepy bed face).

I can never get bored of walking into this cafe. Custard danish and cappuccino being my most favourite things to order. What is it about coffee and flaky pastry filled with custard that always hits the right spots?

I find myself coming here almost every weekend now. I know what not to order to avoid heartbreaks (ma’am we make scrambled eggs only with the whites *shudder*). I also love to indulge in my favourite activity – people watching. Parents trying to manage their children’s tantrums, never succeeding and always giving in, friends having deep conversations over coffee, middle aged couples ditching their usual breakfast to eat out on Sunday and people confronting their biggest decision – chocolate croissant or nutella broiche?

I could do this all day!

As I allow myself to get into this perfect head space, my mind wanders off in different directions. From thoughts about where to plan the next vacation to getting into their kitchen to ask for recipe of danish and how they manage to ace it every single time.

It’s time to call for a second coffee and ask for take away of the sandwich I couldn’t manage to finish. Things perfect Sundays are made of!


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