Chocolate chip marble cake with orange syrup

I had this cake for the first time at a cafe in Havelock Island, where I spent a week doing an open water scuba diving course (more on that here) and instantly fell in love. A marble cake with chocolate chips, soaked in orange syrup – what’s not to love? We ordered this almost everyday… Continue reading Chocolate chip marble cake with orange syrup

Banana bread with yoghurt and chocolate chunks

If you are the type of person that throws away over ripe bananas – I am sorry but we can’t be friends. Over ripe bananas are meant to be peeled, mashed and turned into a gorgeous loaf of banana bread. With that, let me declare – I am a massive fan of banana bread. It… Continue reading Banana bread with yoghurt and chocolate chunks

Cardamom pistachio loaf cake

It is surreal how whiff of a spice can immediately bring back long forgotten childhood memories. As I began to make cardamom powder for this cake in a┬ámortal and pestle (that my mother readily gave away from her kitchen), I was taken back to afternoons of waking up from a nap, watching my mother dress… Continue reading Cardamom pistachio loaf cake

Flourless chocolate cake

I’d never baked a flourless chocolate cake before. I wonder why. Because it is bloody brilliant and screams of chocolate with every mouthful. Given a chance, I would want to call this a live explosive lethal chocolate bomb cake. It is quite fascinating that a thing like this can be made without a pinch of… Continue reading Flourless chocolate cake

Coconut and jam tartlets

I go through these phases when I don’t even want to look at chocolate. Yes, you read that right. In these phases, I dream of bright yellow lemons, creamy salted caramel, dessicated coconut, pears, peaches, assorted berries… you get the picture. These tartlets are a result of one such phase. I wanted something different. Tang… Continue reading Coconut and jam tartlets