Eggless dark chocolate coffee mousse with a twist

Christmas is almost here and I wanted to make something no bake to ring in the festivities. I asked my flatmate to cook me her special bengali style chicken curry and raita for lunch yesterday and she requested for a dessert to be made by me. I’ve made this recipe for many years now and… Continue reading Eggless dark chocolate coffee mousse with a twist

Nigella’s quadruple chocolate loaf cake

Some days I long for a piece of chocolate cake. And not just any other ordinary chocolate cake – it has to be intensely chocolatey, screaming of rich cocoa, with a moist and tender crumb and loaded with dark chocolate chips. A chocolate cake that is so complete on its own that it makes you… Continue reading Nigella’s quadruple chocolate loaf cake

Flourless chocolate cake

I’d never baked a flourless chocolate cake before. I wonder why. Because it is bloody brilliant and screams of chocolate with every mouthful. Given a chance, I would want to call this a live explosive lethal chocolate bomb cake. It is quite fascinating that a thing like this can be made without a pinch of… Continue reading Flourless chocolate cake

Lazy man’s chocolate tart with raspberries

Why is it so therapeutic to coarsely chop a big slab of dark chocolate? Why is it so surreal to witness heated chocolate turn into beautiful molten gooey goodness? Why is it so deeply satisfying to see cream coming together with molten chocolate so beautifully turning it into a luscious shiny, glossy ganache? I’d like… Continue reading Lazy man’s chocolate tart with raspberries