Vanilla cardamom pannacotta with mangoes

It is that time of the year when we Indians majorly OD on mangoes, the juicy king of fruits. Mango lassi, Mango milkshake, sliced mangoes with vanilla ice cream… Just can’t get enough of this beautiful seasonal fruit. I wanted to keep it simple with this Italian dessert that I gave a slight Indian twist… Continue reading Vanilla cardamom pannacotta with mangoes

Saffron cardamom poached pears

I’ve always been utterly fascinated by poached fruits. How amazing to witness plain jane fruits transform into something so magical, just by simmering in sugar syrup and spices. Pear, in particular, has always been a favourite choice for poaching. I chose some gorgeous spices to poach these beautiful pears. Cardamom, saffron and star anise. Wish… Continue reading Saffron cardamom poached pears

Mum’s caramel pudding

There’s no better time than holidays to pester mother for her signature recipes. This caramel pudding is one of my absolute childhood favorites. Something my mother made for years on every special occasion. So this time around I just stood beside her with my notebook even though she said firmly,”you know I am an instinctive… Continue reading Mum’s caramel pudding

Bailey’s Tiramisu

Sometimes you just have to be grateful for a loving family and friends that make life wonderful. I am blessed to have the coolest and most supportive parents ever and friends that I love to bits.I hope you all get quality time off with your loved ones these holidays. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried… Continue reading Bailey’s Tiramisu

Blueberry frozen yoghurt (no ice cream machine needed)

I am not much of an ice cream junkie but when I do sit with a tub (HAS to be a tub and spoon) I am partial to berry flavours. None of that vanilla or chocolate nonsense for me. Unless vanilla ice cream is served with molten lava cake. That’s a different story altogether. But… Continue reading Blueberry frozen yoghurt (no ice cream machine needed)

Coconut white chocolate tartlets with cherries

Have you met a person who buys a box of cherries because they are photogenic?! Well, hello, very nice to meet you. So along with buying cherries on a complete whim, I had to use up white chocolate and giant pack of dessicated cocount that has sat in my fridge for as long as I… Continue reading Coconut white chocolate tartlets with cherries