Carrot and potato herb garlic soup

And it’s December already! Where did 2017 go?! As for me, it was one hell of an adventurous year, tough yet fulfilling. A year of several bold moves (more on that later). On a different note, I absolutely love December – mostly for the lovely nip in the air which is perfect for digging into… Continue reading Carrot and potato herb garlic soup

Saffron cardamom poached pears

I’ve always been utterly fascinated by poached fruits. How amazing to witness plain jane fruits transform into something so magical, just by simmering in sugar syrup and spices. Pear, in particular, has always been a favourite choice for poaching. I chose some gorgeous spices to poach these beautiful pears. Cardamom, saffron and star anise. Wish… Continue reading Saffron cardamom poached pears

Shakshouka pizza

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am extremely fond of bell peppers. They are my absolute favourite vegetables. I was a massive vegetable hater as a child (maybe I still am) and these were possibly the only veggies I liked. I mean look at them bright red and yellow beauties! What’s not to love?!… Continue reading Shakshouka pizza

Bell pepper mushroom hash with fried egg

So I’ve decided to do a breakfast week on blog! I will share with you my favourite breakfast recipes for one whole week, a recipe each day. I am jumping with excitement as I type this. Hope you enjoy the series! :DToday I made a red and yellow bell pepper and mushroom hash topped with… Continue reading Bell pepper mushroom hash with fried egg

Healthy wholewheat chocolate banana oat muffins with hazelnuts (and chocolate chips)

Yes, that’s a rather long title. I swear I wanted to shorten it but I really put ALL that in the muffin. I can be crazy like that. I’ve been craving brownie all this week but running out of unsalted butter has turned out to be rather good for my creativity (and health). I’ve practically… Continue reading Healthy wholewheat chocolate banana oat muffins with hazelnuts (and chocolate chips)

Jam thumbprint coconut cookies

It is so beautiful how certain foods bring out warm childhood memories. Memories of trying to climb on a chair in search of hidden jar of cookies while parents enjoyed an afternoon siesta or the times when mother would have a plateful of snacks ready for munching after school. I absolutely loved coming back home… Continue reading Jam thumbprint coconut cookies