Carrot and potato herb garlic soup

And it’s December already! Where did 2017 go?! As for me, it was one hell of an adventurous year, tough yet fulfilling. A year of several bold moves (more on that later). On a different note, I absolutely love December – mostly for the lovely nip in the air which is perfect for digging into… Continue reading Carrot and potato herb garlic soup

Dimma’s chanar daalna – Photoseries

Dimma turned 80 a couple of months back but her enthusiasm in the kitchen can give young cooks a run for their money. I love observing her in the kitchen while she painstakingly carries out each step for a dish she is making. She has a childlike excitement even for dishes she has cooked a… Continue reading Dimma’s chanar daalna – Photoseries

My 6 month transformation journey – Some practical tips and realizations [Long post]

This matter is really close to my heart and I kept contemplating if I should write this here but as I mulled over the matter, it made most sense to write about my weight loss journey on my food blog. Disclaimer – I can’t promise this post to be completely gyaan free 😛 but I am… Continue reading My 6 month transformation journey – Some practical tips and realizations [Long post]

Cardamom pistachio loaf cake

It is surreal how whiff of a spice can immediately bring back long forgotten childhood memories. As I began to make cardamom powder for this cake in a mortal and pestle (that my mother readily gave away from her kitchen), I was taken back to afternoons of waking up from a nap, watching my mother dress… Continue reading Cardamom pistachio loaf cake